Theory Special with Pedro Torres on Wednesday, 01.07. At 20:00 “flying changes”.

The successful path to flying changes!

Nobody knows this better than Pedro Torres – in this day and age one of the best riders and a much sought after trainer. At his academy in Sintra, Portugal and at numerous seminars, clinics and lessons worldwide he educates riders and horses. Currently he is holding the most wins and titles in Working Equitation, additionally being at home in Dressage Grand Prix, riding very successfully, often bringing quite difficult horses forward. Basis for his training is his exceptional knowledge and feeling for the biodynamic and muscular correlation as well as the psychic factor for horse and rider. He is a trainer much in demand: The Portuguese National Team, Senior and Junior and numerous Riders in Portugal and all over the world seek his advice.

Listening to this seminar you will experience how astonishingly simple he explains the flying change and the way to accomplish it. In this interview with Andrea Jänisch Pedro Torres will talk about easy comprehensible systematic exercises for the learning horse and rider. His training method – also for the complex challenge of the flying change – has proved its worth many times since, making it possible for his riders to pick up the flying change fast and practice without building up any stress for horse and rider.

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