Liberty Work(ing Equitation)

Liberty work with my stallion Bandreao

Liberty work/ training / ground work 

The old cowboy said: „ Riding is easy, you only have to be able to control and place all four legs of you horse precisely.”

Liberty work should not be regarded as simple circus tricks, it is more about the connection between human and horse. In my lessons and seminars I teach to interpret the behaviour of the horse correctly and react in the right manner. This way communication with the horse and a mutual understanding are built.
The challenge for the human is to communicate without words, to control the own energy appropriately, introduce clear rules and movements aiming towards a mental connection. It is all about „making my idea the horse’s own idea“. And – I do want to find out if my horse stays with me if I take off its bridle or lead rope.

Eduaction is the pedagogical influence in the development and the behaviour of growing horses and of course older horses, too.“ It is about clarifying or explaining procedures, assigning roles, learning to listen, learning to relax, accepting spaces and instructions. All this establishes security for the gregarious animal horse.

I use classical groundwork to establish the understanding of certain movements (e. g. lateral movements) in a very direct manner. I can control the position of body as well as head carriage and bending. Classical groundwork forms the horse physically.

How do I tell my cow?

Definitely in a different way, because the cow is not purely a flight animal. The cow has „weapons“ on its head. You have to know its characteristics and respect them. Based on this knowledge you can achieve astonishing results similar to those with a horse.

Best by watching, analysing, lots of love and a little help from above…” quote analogue to Jean-François Pignon

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