Andrea OnAir

Training sessions and lessons – quick and uncomplicated by mobile phone and internet. Lessons without long reservations or waiting time in advance. That is Andrea OnAir

This way of teaching and schooling is an ideal completion to real live training – also in post Corona times. It would be perfect if we could meet approximately every three months and train live. For daily work we connect on a virtual basis and continue. This way we can keep up with all difficulties, school step by step together and avoid mistakes establishing themselves.

Fast help

Know that? You have an issue with your horse and cannot really wait for the next seminar – you need help now. That is exactly where Andrea OnAir steps in. We connect by telephone and/or internet and I can help at once.

Pick up where you left

Know that? You come fresh from the seminar, everything worked out fine. Next day – all gone. What did we do, how did we start? That is exactly where Andrea OnAir steps in. We connect by telephone and/or internet and I can help at once.

Progress comes in small steps

Often it is helpful to look at only one issue at the time. With help of Andrea OnAir we analyse the situation, develop a solution and you start practising your homework. When this works out we take the next small step: Watch, analyse, practise. With this method we increase the frequency of lessons but shorten the units. Andrea OnAir enables a high but short frequency of input.

Andrea OnAir rates – 1,00 Euro/minute

Regardless which modality of OnAir schooling you choose – the rate/minute stays the same. No call-out charge, no setup costs, no connection time is charged. You only pay for my work time.

  • You call me and we make an appointment
  • We telephone and discuss issues and questions
  • Ihr ruft mich an, vereinbart einen Termin mit mir und schickt mir eine Video
  • Ich analysiere das Video
  • Anschließend telefonieren wir, besprechen mein Analyse und was ihr trainieren solltet.
OnAir-Film clip analysis
  • You call me, we make an appointment and you send in your film clip
  • I analyse the clip
  • Then we telephone, talk about my analysis and how you should continue with your training
OnAir – Live sessions
  • We make an appointment on short notice
  • I install an OnAir training session
  • You connect with your mobile (camera and sound). Now you ride as in a normal training session. Your riding should be filmed with a mobile phone and is sent to me live onto my pc. I can watch you and school you online – just as in a normal lesson.

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