YHSP: Manjerico do MT, First trot with rider – on the lunge

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Manjerico is in my Young-Horse-Schooling-Programme and a good learner paying a lot of attention to what is expected from him. He already understands the riders signals quite well and will go the next big step today: Trotting with a rider on top.
Here it pays out to proceed in tiny steps and to be very careful while pushing the horse forward. It is extremely important that no tension is built up when asking for a trot – in fact the horse should slowly develop the idea to trot by himself. I stimulate this by walking faster, so that he will want to follow and not stay behind. This is much safer than trying to introduce too many and strong – for the horse not yet understandable – aids. It is much better to let the idea of trotting develop slowly without tension.
Manjerico is wearing a south american bosal because it is more logical for him to continue with signals on his nose as he has had his lessons only on a rope halter or cavesson so far.
As horses in this age often have teething problems the introduction of the bit in this stage would only irritate him. I can imagine that the young horses mouth is very tender in this phase.
Manjerico managed his first trot with rider well and unspectacular. The latter being very important as the focus should not be on big movements but rather on a calm and relaxed “small trot” in this stage.

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